Udine, Statua presso il Giardino Morpurgo

Udine, Statua presso il Giardino Morpurgo

The Idealmente Onlus Association, aims to encourage a moment of reflection on mental discomfort.

The life we live can be represented as an alternation of the seasons: sometimes we experience the excitement and exuberance of a bright and energetic spring, sometimes an explosive period presents itself in its full maturity, like the summer but we are also asked to live autumnal moments in which we feel barren and indifferent, sometimes asleep to life, followed by freezing winters with hardship and pain…and then a return to the luxuriant springtime…

Are we equipped to handle the succession of events of our existence in a balanced way?

Often this path is difficult and characterized by a discomfort that can affect everybody, regardless of age, sex, profession, cultural or social level.

It almost seems that we move within a labyrinth from which it can be difficult to escape. Unless you can find Ariadne’s thread, a clear and reliable guide that indicates the path to follow.

Castello di Udine, Loggia del Palladio

Castello di Udine, Loggia del Palladio

Thus the Idealmente Onlus Association was conceived: starting from these reflections and the desire of certain family members of people who suffer from more or less profound psychological problems that involve their lives and those of people close to them, to offer a guided tour of the many difficulties that may arise.

The Association wants to be a welcoming place where you can meet as friends, to face, along with others, the long, difficult, but achievable journey of change and self-acceptance toward a fully-lived life.

It is proposed, independently and together with the operators of the Department of Health Mental Health no. 4 Medio Friuli, to carry out preventative, informative and promotional activities for mental well-being, addressed to the entire population.

The Association intends to offer the Institutions of Friuli Venezia Giulia an innovative path, activating local regional resources in which it operates, stimulating new synergies to activate a process of social renewal.