The Executive Council

Grazia Micaela Beni

GRAZIA MICAELA BENI: President of the Association was born in Sesto al Reghena, Pordenone and is resident in Udine. She graduated from the ‘G.Marinelli’ Scientific Secondary School of Udine. From 1974 to 1986 she worked as a market researcher in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Subsequently from 1986 to 1996, she took over the executive management of a doctor’s surgery.
She joined the Association in 2004 and held various positions, from Secretary to Treasurer and helped to develop the mission of the Association; to enhance the lives of people with psychological problems and help families in difficulty. She has contributed to the realization of various projects in the field of mental health in schools, in the context of Support Administrator, initiated with the support of the FVG Region and in the creation of the counselling service for families. She is also responsible for the Association’s website.


Giuliana Zufferli

GIULIANA ZUFFERLI – Giuliana Zufferli, born in Grimacco, resident in Udine.
After graduating in business studies at the Institute Tecnio Bonaldo Stringher of Udine, she began working in a technical Studio and subsequently became involved in the area of administration with ATER, Territorial Enterprise for Residential Construction in Udine, from 1977 to 2015.
 Currently retired she is involved with social initiatives, participating and collaborating with the “Gruppo di Cammino” (Walking Group) organized by the Municipality of Udine.
 She began attending the Idealmente Non-profit Association Onlus in 2010, where she currently holds the position of advisor.



Alessandra Dall'Asta

Alessandra Dall’Asta

ALESSANDRA DALL’ASTA, Association director, was born 8 March 1960 in Genova. She received her Diploma in Classics in Rome in 1979. Enrolled at the Secondary School for Interpreters and Translators in Rome, she graduated in 1982. From 1983 to 1994 she worked as a secretary interpreter at Danieli SpA in Buttrio, Udine. Subsequently she became a mother and worked on translating texts for various companies. From 2002 she began working as a volunteer at the Parish of San Giuseppe in Udine, as a catechist and patron. From 2011 she began to work as a volunteer at the Idealmente Association, leading the families’ mutual self-help group, participating actively in the Association.